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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Mar 4 2018 與神一起做夢 Dream with God 使 徒 行 傳 2:17 (CUV) Read... 張志剛牧師 Pastor Zhigang Zhang Chinese
Feb 25 2018 A Humble Leader John 13:1-38 (NIV) Read... Rev. Justin Young English
Feb 25 2018 人非有信不能得神喜悅 It is impossible to please God without faith 希 伯 來 書 11:1-13 (CUV) Read... 黃曉華弟兄 Brother Howard Huang Chinese
Feb 21 2018 婚姻,家庭,生命 邱清泰博士 Chinese
Feb 20 2018 家新特會 I Dr. Peter Chiu Chinese
Feb 18 2018 A Suffering Community John 11:1 - 12:28 (NIV) Read... Rev. Josh Schreiner English
Feb 18 2018 重整生命的方向 Reorganize the Direction of Life 以 弗 所 書 2:1-10 (CUV) Read... 秦恩光傳道 Minister Enguang Qin Chinese
Feb 11 2018 A Blind Man John 9:1-41 (NIV) Read... Rev. Justin Young English
Feb 11 2018 從蒙福到祝福 Blessed to be a Blessing 創 世 記 12:1-15 (CUV) Read... 李賴敏超傳道 Michelle Li Chinese
Feb 4 2018 A Shady Lady John 4:1-30 (NIV) Read... Rev. Justin Young English