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Baptism (English and Youth)


Baptism is the special step in the life of a Christian where he or she publicly professes his or her faith and desire to follow Christ.

As such, we want to prepare you well not only for the baptism itself but also for living a faithful life.

In order to prepare for baptism, you'll work with a baptism mentor and learn some of the basics of following Christ using this short 7-session Bible study called Just for Starters. (Once you are assigned your baptism mentor, you can decide which times are convenient for you to meet; one idea is Sundays at 9:30 am.)

We have baptism on Easter Sunday and around Thanksgiving.

When you are baptized, in addition to the actual baptism, you'll share your testimony. (You will be provided some resources on how to prepare your testimony.)

==> If you are interested in baptism, please contact Justin (English and Youth).