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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Nov 11 2018 Justice and Mercy Micah 1:1-16 (NIV) Read... Dan Wong English
Nov 11 2018 要爱惜光阴 Redeeming your time 以 弗 所 書 5:15-17 (CUV) Read... 秦恩光 助理牧师 Assistant Pastor Enguang Qin Chinese
Nov 4 2018 God's Mission Beneath the Surface 2 Kings 5:1-15 (NIV) Read... Rev. Josh Schreiner English
Nov 4 2018 讓下一代蒙福 Let the Next Generation Be Blessed Mark 10:13-16 (NIV) Read... 黃曉華弟兄 Brother Howard Huang Chinese
Oct 21 2018 Scandal! 2 Samuel 11:27 - 12:31 (NIV) Read... Rev. Justin Young English
Oct 21 2018 你的耶路撒冷在哪里?Where is your Jerusalem? Acts 1:8 (NIV) Read... 罗国华 Pastor Vicente Lo Chinese
Oct 14 2018 Joshua Renews the Covenant Joshua 24:1-28 (NIV) Read... Boon Chui English
Oct 14 2018 心的功課 Lesson Of Faith 創 世 記 22:1-18 (CUV) Read... 湯亞傑弟兄 Brother Jay Tang Chinese
Oct 7 2018 The Law Exodus 19:1-8 (NIV) Read..., Exodus 19:9-25 (NIV) Read... Rev. Justin Young English
Oct 7 2018 莊稼發白了 約 翰 福 音 4:27-38 (CUV) Read... 張志剛牧師 Pastor Zhigang Zhang Chinese