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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Oct 24 2009 知識的開端 張敏傳道 Chinese
Oct 23 2009 天涯路盡見真光 張敏傳道 Chinese
Oct 18 2009 甚麼是基督裡聯誼的生活? What is Fellowship in Christ ? 楊宗正牧師Rev. Yang Chinese
Oct 18 2009 Too Familiar? Justin Young English
Oct 11 2009 Have You Done Your "Home" Work? Ben Malan English
Oct 11 2009 做你的家庭作業了嗎?Have you done your 'Home Work'? Ben Malan Chinese
Oct 4 2009 The Memoir of Zechariah Justin Young English
Oct 4 2009 神在你身上的計劃 The Matters Matter 十四章﹕什麼是基督里聯誼的生活? What is Fellowship in Chirst? 楊宗正 Rev. Yang Chinese
Sep 27 2009 你們給他們吃罷 You Give Them Something to Eat 李力彌長老 Elder Lee Chinese
Sep 27 2009 Joy in the Lord Justin Young English