COMA - Old Testament Narrative


  • What has happened so far in the narrative? Have there been any major events, characters or themes?

  • What has happened just prior to the section you are reading?


  • What do you learn about the main characters in this section? How does the author describe them? How do they describe themselves?

  • Is time or place significant in the events that happen in the passage?

  • Is there a conflict or high point in the passage?

  • Do you think there is a main point or theme in this section of the story?

  • What surprises are there?


  • Are there any ‘editorial’ comments from the author about the events in the narrative? How do these comments illuminate what is happening?

  • Does someone in the narrative learn something or grow in some way? How? What does this person learn?

  • How does the passage point forward to what God is going to do in the future? Does it prophesy or anticipate Jesus Christ in some way?

  • How could you sum up the meaning of this passage in your own words?


  • How does this passage challenge your understanding about who God is and what he is like?

  • Is there some attitude or behaviour you need to change?

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