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Chinese to English Dictionary -- Yes! Chinese Popular Audio Dictionary,网上最真实的万国有声词典。

Yes! Chinese -- Great websites with a lot of Chinese learning materials.

Free Online Chinese Lessons -- a comprehensive free Chinese language course based on the US government's Foreign Service Institutes Mandarin Course.

Free Online Chinese Dictionary -- a free online Chinese-English dictionary that includes lots of sample sentences.

IPhone/IPad/IPod Touch/Android Chinese Learning App

儿童必背诗词50首 HD (50 Chinese Classic Poetry)-- 主要是针对2~13岁儿童。正在幼儿园或是小学阶段,要求50首全背。 如是学前儿童不建议背诵,建议使用唱读功能,让小朋友在诗的歌声中达到启蒙作用。图文并茂,诗的意境融入图画中。不仅仅有浑厚有力的朗诵, 也有优美音乐唱读,两种形式加强小朋友兴趣与记忆。

中华成语故事(上篇) (Chinese Idioms and Their Stories)-- 由中央人民广播电台播音员播讲的《成语故事》,是针对少年儿童益智开发的一张专辑,搜集了400多首成语,编辑 成语故事,播讲有声有色,通俗易懂,并配加了音乐,是少年儿童学习收藏之佳品。。。

Chinese Writer -- Learn how to write thousands of Chinese characters - it's educational, entertaining and addictive!

Pleco® Chinese Dictionary for iPhone / iPad and Android, gives you everything you need to look up and study Chinese vocabulary: content from nine different dictionaries, handwriting input, camera-based character lookups, flexible Pinyin searches, audio, stroke order diagrams, a built-in document reader, and one of the most advanced and customizable flashcard systems ever invented. And all of this running on a device you can carry around in your pocket.

Learn Chinese (Mandarin) - MindSnacks -- MindSnacks features six exciting games designed to build essential vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and conversation skills, including an all new game to teach tones.

Chinese Number Trainer-- Learn to use and Chinese numbers and have a little fun doing it ! Translate numbers to and from Chinese, test yourself with the quiz (watch out for that rocket) and present your contacts' details in Chinese. Includes a built-in study guide with plenty of examples.

Pinyin Trainer -- Master the sounds of Mandarin Chinese with ease!No matter if you're a beginner or a long-time student of Chinese, its tonal nature can catch you out and even cause some serious embarrassment...Pinyin Trainer will help you master those tones using Pinyin, the standard romanization system for Mandarin Chinese. With almost 2,000 individual audio recordings and a variety of question-and-answer methods, it'll keep you on your toes and improve your Chinese listening skills like nothing else. Plus, it's got a complete guide to reading Chinese with the Pinyin system built right in.

幼儿识字(You Er Shi Zi) Free HD
To learn: Total standard pronunciation, stroke order demonstrates the standard alphabet, group of words, pictures, I came to writing six functions;
Learning can choose to display a picture or not displayed handwriting stroke demo, so multi-faceted interactive; every 20 Chinese characters as a group, learning and test finished 20 words, will reward a literacy cartoon baby.
Accompanied with test: (1) listen to the standard Chinese pronunciation, and select the correct word from randomly given four words, grades are given according to the test results;
(2) in the testing process will be accompanied by a set of plant growth animation incentive to make the test more interesting;
(3) If the test error will be recorded, and review the aspects of a question mark prompt.

快乐学堂卡片学习(For this one, you will have to copy and paste the Chinese title and search it on the iTunes Store to download it. It's free now!)
-Early childhood literacy cards:
-exquisite HD physical picture, clear high volume pronunciation
-Each card has the Chinese characters and Pinyin
-each category are sorted in alphabetical order

经典童谣儿歌 HD Lite
The application for the free version of the classic nursery rhyme nursery rhymes HD "Enjoy a selection of 17 nursery rhymes rhymes.

TileSpeak Mahjong arranges the 500 most frequently used Chinese characters and has built them into your favorite puzzle game. Learn Mandarin or Cantonese through casual gaming and repetition of tile selection. While there are over 47,000 Chinese characters, learning the most common 500 characters equates to 75% literacy for most day to day conversations.

For Parents

Parenting -- This is a very useful website that contained various useful and practical parenting topics.

Focus on the Family -- same website as the parenting, but it also contains all other useful resources including marriage and family in general.

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding -- very good and informative website to find out all the current trend both positive and negative among the youth.

Christian Review Games on various electronic device (including music, games and movies)