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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Sep 13 2009 Faithful, Yet Flexible Justin Young English
Sep 6 2009 屬神之人的特徵與素質 The Characteristics and Qualities of God's People 楊小焱傳道 Pastor Rocky Yang Chinese
Sep 6 2009 Jesus is for Skeptics Justin Young English
Aug 30 2009 第十章﹕敬拜帶來的祝福(上) The Blessing of Worship Life, Part A 楊宗正牧師 Rev.Yang Chinese
Aug 30 2009 Heartless Justin Young English
Aug 23 2009 風暴與珍珠 Storm And Pearl 易明牧師 Rev. Dich Chinese
Aug 23 2009 Mr. Failed Potential - Samson - Part II Justin Young English
Aug 16 2009 Mr. Potential - Samson - Part I Justin Young English
Aug 9 2009 Coming In Through The Roof - Mark 2 Al Feria English
Aug 9 2009 第十章﹕敬拜的情況 Worship or McService? Part B 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Yang Chinese