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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Jan 3 2010 The Untapped Word Justin Young English
Jan 2 2010 第20講 “在基督裡團契生活的祝福” “The Blessings of Christian Fellowship” 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Yang Chinese
Dec 27 2009 The Greatest Story Ever Told Justin Young English
Dec 20 2009 道成肉身, 美夢成真 The word became flesh, the dream came true 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Yang Chinese
Dec 20 2009 Known in Every Way Justin Young English
Dec 13 2009 建立教會宣教的異象,The Elements in Building up the Church Missions Ministry 傅立誠牧師Rev. Fu Chinese
Dec 13 2009 Redeemed and Made Righteous Justin Young English
Dec 6 2009 第十九講 我們的教會,教會的我們 Community Church and Church Community 楊宗正牧師Rev. Yang Chinese
Dec 6 2009 Humanity Made Known Justin Young English
Nov 29 2009 基督徒一体与同活的情境 The Context of Koinonia 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Samuel Yang Chinese