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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Jan 18 2009 奉獻的操練(2) Good offering habit 易明牧師 Rev. Dich Chinese
Jan 11 2009 奉獻的操練:十一與奉獻 The Discipline of Tithing and Giving 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Yang Chinese
Jan 11 2009 Committed to the Scriptures Justin Young English
Jan 4 2009 屬靈的原則 Four Spiritual Principles 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Samuel Yang Chinese
Dec 28 2008 Back to Reign! Justin Young English
Dec 21 2008 Flexible Justin Young English
Dec 14 2008 人生最重要的事,第十四講: 敬畏耶和華是智慧的開端 The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom Rev. Samuel Yang Chinese
Dec 14 2008 Jesus Makes Me Uncomfortable Justin Young English
Dec 7 2008 撒加利亞的福音 Gospel of Zechariah Rev. Phillip Dich Chinese
Nov 30 2008 認識福音大能的三個挑戰 The Three Challenges to Understanding the Power of Gospel Pastor Rocky Yang Chinese