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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Nov 5 2017 Speaking in the Silence 1 Kings 19:1-21 (NIV) Read... Richard Jones English
Nov 5 2017 建立基督的身體 Establish the Body of Christ 歌 林 多 前 書 12:12-27 (CUV) Read... 黃曉華弟兄 Brother Howard Huang Chinese
Oct 29 2017 The Temple 1 Kings 5:1-5 (NIV) Read..., 1 Kings 8:1-13 (NIV) Read... Rev. Justin Young English
Oct 22 2017 Walking on the Rooftop of Temptation Psalms 51:1-9 (NIV) Read... Rev. Josh Schreiner English
Oct 22 2017 你看的清楚嗎?Do you see clearly? Mark 8:22-26 (NIV) Read..., Matthew 5:8 (NIV) Read... 卓英士牧師 Rev. Philip Cheuk Chinese
Oct 15 2017 God's Calling for Samuel 1 Samuel 3:1-21 (NIV) Read... Boon Chui English
Oct 15 2017 清心的人有福了 Blessed are the pure in heart Matthew 5:3-10 (NIV) Read... 張志剛牧師 Pastor Zhigang Zhang Chinese
Oct 8 2017 建立一間人人宣教的教會 Building a Missional Church (II) 馬 太 福 音 4:19 (CUV) Read..., 約 翰 福 音 1:14 (CUV) Read..., 創 世 記 1:27-28 (CUV) Read... 賴木森牧師 Rev. Mook Sum Lai Chinese
Oct 7 2017 職場宣教 賴木森牧師 Rev James Lai Chinese
Oct 7 2017 整全福音 賴木森牧師 Rev James Lai Chinese