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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Jan 11 2009 奉獻的操練:十一與奉獻 The Discipline of Tithing and Giving 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Yang Chinese
Jan 4 2009 屬靈的原則 Four Spiritual Principles 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Samuel Yang Chinese
Dec 28 2008 Back to Reign! Justin Young English
Dec 21 2008 Flexible Justin Young English
Dec 14 2008 人生最重要的事,第十四講: 敬畏耶和華是智慧的開端 The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom Rev. Samuel Yang Chinese
Dec 14 2008 Jesus Makes Me Uncomfortable Justin Young English
Dec 7 2008 撒加利亞的福音 Gospel of Zechariah Rev. Phillip Dich Chinese
Nov 30 2008 認識福音大能的三個挑戰 The Three Challenges to Understanding the Power of Gospel Pastor Rocky Yang Chinese
Nov 23 2008 Mind Your Own Business? Rev. Samuel Yang Chinese