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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Mar 8 2009 屬靈操練系列:敬拜的生活, The Christian Discipline Series: I Worship 楊宗正牧師Rev. Yang Chinese
Mar 1 2009 Glorious, but Unglamorous Love Justin Young English
Mar 1 2009 與主同舟學習 經歷平靜和風浪, Experiencing peace and the storm in the same boat with Lord 楊小焱弟兄 Rocky Yang Chinese
Feb 22 2009 Lavish Grace Justin Young English
Feb 22 2009 無人能關的門! The Door that No One can Shut! 易明牧師 Rev. Dich Chinese
Feb 15 2009 分享福音的操練(下)The Discipline of Evangelism part B 楊宗正牧師Rev. Samuel Yang Chinese
Feb 15 2009 Sexual Struggles Justin Young English
Feb 8 2009 分享福音的操練(上)The Discipline of Evangelism part A 楊宗正牧師 Rev. Yang Chinese
Feb 8 2009 Living for God in a Myselfish World Justin Young English
Feb 1 2009 教會當是順服的群體 Church is the body of obedience 楊小焱弟兄 Rocky Yang Chinese