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Teacher and Staff Directory

(School Year 2017-2018)
Principal Yi Xie 谢熠 317-270-8072 [email protected]
Advisor Hwi-Peng Teh 郑惠萍 317-564-4364 [email protected]
PTO President Maggie Sun 孙昱静 317-997-0810 [email protected]
Media Coordinator Emily Gu 顾嘉玮 614-905-0569 [email protected]
Pre-K and K 预习班 Ye Feng Bonnett 封 燁 317-414-7649 [email protected]
L1 简一班 Emily Gu 顾嘉玮 614-905-0569 [email protected]
L2 简二班 Zhongyu Wu 吴中钰 317-430-5024 [email protected]
L3 简三班 Tingna Xu 徐亭纳 765-237-1681 [email protected]
L4 简四班 Qing Zhang 张卿 317-460-0412 [email protected]
L5 简五班 Min Chiang 张敏 317-574-8973 [email protected]
L6 简六班 Runpei Wang 王润培 317-331-1181 [email protected]
L7 简七班 Liangjie Wang 王樑杰 812-223-4684 [email protected]
Bible Class Teachers
PreK+K 预习和启蒙班 Guangjun Li 317-566-1257 [email protected]
L1 简一班 Ruihua Cheng 317-582-0286 [email protected]
L2 简二班 Boon-Keat Chui 317-564-4364 [email protected]
L3 简三班 Evangeline Killian 317-733-8540 [email protected]
L4 简四班 Yuefeng Chen 317-348-4391 [email protected]om
L5 and up 简五班以上 Youth Evangelical Team [email protected]