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Importrant: School Safety

  • Safety, Safety, Safety. Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us, so please observe the following rules:
  • Your child's safety is your responsibility.
  • When you drop your kid(s) off in the afternoon, please come in through W. Lakeshore Dr. (west entrance to the Church) and leave through East ramp.
  • Don’t drop off your kid(s) in front of the church entrance, please park your car in the parking lots and walk your kid(s) into the school.
  • Please instruct your kids not to leave the school once inside the school during the recess time.
  • Please instruct your kids not to play in the gym storage room, Sanctuary, library, or audio/video room.
  • Please pick up your kid(s) within 15 minutes of school dismissal (normally 4:15pm unless noticed otherwise).
  • Update your emergency contact information if you change after registration. The school, its staff and teachers will do the best for the safety of your kid(s), however, we will not be responsible for the safety of your kid(s) if he/she violate the rules. Repeated violations will result in permanent dismissal from the school.