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Date Title Scripture Speaker Congregation
Apr 5 2009 驢駒上榮耀的君王 The Glorious King Riding on the Colt 黃曉華弟兄 Howard Huang Chinese
Mar 29 2009 A Word of Thanks 感恩的內涵 Justin Young Combined
Mar 22 2009 The Vine and The Branches Kam Lee English
Mar 22 2009 聖言千秋-另類的滿足,The Splendor of Holy Words -Another Kind of Satisfaction 賴若瀚牧師 Rev. Lai Chinese
Mar 15 2009 Christian Love Justin Young English
Mar 8 2009 屬靈操練系列:敬拜的生活, The Christian Discipline Series: I Worship 楊宗正牧師Rev. Yang Chinese
Mar 8 2009 Comfort - Part I Justin Young English
Mar 1 2009 Glorious, but Unglamorous Love Justin Young English
Mar 1 2009 與主同舟學習 經歷平靜和風浪, Experiencing peace and the storm in the same boat with Lord 楊小焱弟兄 Rocky Yang Chinese
Feb 22 2009 Lavish Grace Justin Young English