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Bible Reading Journal Pages

Join the Family Bible Reading Movement!!

From March 2011 to February 2014, many families of CCCI are reading through the entire Bible.  Although reading the Bible is a very good thing to do as an individual, it is more valuable to discuss what we read with other people.  Not only does this help us to better understand what we read, it helps us be more motivated to keep going!  At the bottom of this page, you'll see a Powerpoint slideshow that explains more about doing devotions as a family.

Another strategy that helps us to get the most out of reading the Bible is to write down the things that we are learning.  To encourage the children to this, we have encouraged children to write down some of the things they have learned, along with writing a prayer based on their favorite verse from the week's reading.  In the past, the children have used specific journal pages for this (see the files at the bottom of this page), and they submitted these journal pages to a central location.  These pages were read and bound into booklets for the children to keep.  The children's ministry leadership team is in transition, so this system may not be current.  However, the habit if writing down what we are learning will help us to clarify and retain it much better.  The journal page samples may be helpful to you on a personal level.

You may also benefit from the Bible study questions designed for adults and for children.  Just visit CCCI's the Family Bible Reading Plan webpage for these questions and lots of other helpful resources.